Fair Justice/Smart Justice (FJSJ) is a project of the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan (ACLU). The goal of FJSJ is the reduction of Michigan’s prison population, and the reallocation of the state’s resources to alternatives to incarceration, improvement of conditions in prison facilities and successful re-entry of former prisoners into the society. FJSJ employs a combination of legislative advocacy and public education initiatives to channel the ever-growing bi-partisan concern about prison populations into active support for productive legislative and institutional reforms.

The goals of FJSJ include, among others:

  • Reform of Michigan’s sentencing guidelines
  • Support for presumptive parole
  • Elimination of racial bias in the criminal justice system
  • Increased and improved use of specialty courts for substance abusers and the mentally ill
  • Expanded resources for successful re-entry
  • Raising the age of criminal responsibility

FJSJ recognizes that many factors account for many concerns about the prisons in various communities across the state. FJSJ identifies the concerns of specific communities and provides responsive information to both residents and their legislators. Information is conveyed through personal contacts, social media, mass media, community meetings and other special events.

FJSJ’s analyses consider, among other things, the historical impact of the “war on drugs,” disproportionate sentencing, and the impact of mass incarceration on the state’s economy.

If you’d like to get involved to learn more about our efforts, please connect with us today.

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